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Guys, I have bronchitis and a sinus infection, and I was pretty sure it was the fever talking at first, but no, cheese and crackers beat Kit-Kats in the most stunning upset ever of the Snackfood Deathmatch.

I can't even. I'm having a moment. This on top of HIMYM!

Wow. Anyway, congrats to cheese and crackers! This is one for the record books.

Thank you all for playing along! I'll see you this summer for an ice cream deathmatch, if I ever recover from this illness.


Mar. 31st, 2014 08:48 am
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Wow, cheese and crackers! Congratulations! That was kind of a stunning upset over Thin Mints. Let's see if you can pull it off again today!

So here it is, folks, the last match. Sweet vs. savory. Can you make the call?

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So sorry, Cheez-its! You had a good run, but there's always next year. And congratulations to Kit-Kats, you're the first finalist. Let's see who the next one will be.

I suspect I know, but who knows, there could be an upset!

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I have to say, I was surprised by Thin Mints win! I thought for sure mini-donuts would take that one. But congrats Thin Mints! We'll see if you can take it further tomorrow.

Today we decide between sweet and salty! Also this is a perfect revenge vote scenario: pretzel lovers, vote for Kit-Kats! Toblerone lovers, vote for Cheez-its! Um, if you're a lover of both, I don't know what to tell you.

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Okay that wasn't even close! Sorry Pop-Tarts, you were crushed by cheese and crackers.

Okay, today is the last quarterfinal! Semifinals are this weekend, and the final is Monday, so stayed tuned!

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Wow, wow, WOW. Yesterday was another nail-biter! SOOOOOOOOO CLOSE. But in the end, Cheez-its took the win! Congrats! So sorry, pretzels, there's always next year.

Okay, today is the final battle of the miscellaneous round. Strap yourselves in.

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Wow, that was SUPER CLOSE, but in the end, Kit-Kats took the win. Sorry, Toblerone!

Today we've got two perennial bridesmaid in battle.

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Okay, congrats to Thin Mints! I had no doubt you'd trounce fruit pies.

Today we start the quarterfinals, and it's candy time! These are my two favorite candy bars, shockingly. WHAT DO WHAT DO! :D

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Ugh, mini-donuts, really? Begrudging congratulations on my part. So so sorry, Tim-Tams!

Well, that was a disappointment. Let's see what happens today!

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Well, that was a close one! But in the end Pop-Tarts prevailed (om nom nom brown sugar cinnamon). Sorry about that pudding cups!

Today we're back to baked goods! This should be a yummy battle.

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Congratulations to cheese and crackers! My heart breaks for hummus and pita, but cheese and crackers, I admit, are far more versatile.

Today is match of opposites.

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Whoo congrats to pretzels! I'm sorry, pistachios, I love you, but your time here is done.

Today it's a battle of snack duos. Can you handle this madness?

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OMG YAY Cheez-its! One step closer to the big show! Sorry, Fritos!

Okay, one more round of crunchy/salty snacks today, and this one is a toughie. Do you go for the salty crunch of pretzels, or the yumminess of pistachios? I mean, pretzels win for ease of use (no shells!) but is that an important factor in your snacking?

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Congrats to KitKat! For a candy bar with a lot of vocal haters, it does its share of winning.

Today we're back to salty/crunchy snacks. Are you ready for some crunch?

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(Man I am not so secretly rooting for Cheez-its to take it all this time!)

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Sorry, chocolate covered pretzels! I was rooting for you, but Toblerone took the battle.

Let's see what happens today. More candy, perhaps a contentious match!

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Let's just be clear: the mini eggs are not the smaller versions of the cream eggs, they're the solid chocolate eggs with the candy coating.

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Congratulations to Thin Mints! The greatest Girl Scout Cookie prevailed!

Today we start the second round battles. No more pictures, you should know what everything looks like by now.

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Congratulations to fruit pies! Sorry, graham crackers! Back to the pantry with you.

Today is the last of the baked goods, and the last of the first round matches. Let's meet the last contestants! )

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Wow, I have to be honest, I didn't think mini donuts would kick Twinkies' ass that hard. But congrats to the mini donuts!

Today we have two requests! Let's meet the contestants! )

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Congratulations to Tim Tams! You did it, you delicious darlings! Sorry, Nutter Butters, you just couldn't hold up!

More "baked" goods today. Are you ready for this? On to the visual aids! )

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Congratulations, pudding cups! It was close for a little while there, but you left pb&js in the dust!

Today we're starting the baked goods round, and once again, "baked" is a loose term here. Let's see who's up! )

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